Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cleaving? So Speedily?

I did a little egosurfing the other day, which is to say, I checked for references to "Desperado Penguin" in a Google blogs search.

Imagine my surprise when I ran across this item:

desperado penguin: cleaving? so speedily? 7 Sep 2009 by conspiracymovie

Wait - this sounds familiar, and yet ... not. I myself ran a post called Cleaving? So Soon? I'll save you the trouble of checking the link. My original post begins:

"I read Julie & Julia as part of my reading challenge, and then saw the movie. I am among the crowd that thinks Julie Powell is a tad over-rated."

I checked the link and what a treat! Someone ran my text through, I don't know, a confused translation program?, and then re-published it. The not!penguin post begins:

"i array julie & julia as district of my reading run after idiosyncrasy invent to, and then catchword the flicks. i am in the centre the number that thinks julie powell is a tad over-rated. i had to prise myself to come to an end the ... "

Maybe my house really does have magical powers, and words can re-arrange themselves magically on the internet ... or worse, is the entire internet haunted?I had just about decided to view this as flattery in its most sincere form, but I contacted the  blog's service provider requesting they credit me properly, and they removed it immediately as a "spam blog".
I'm feeling great. I'm inspirational! A spam muse.
Back to the zombies.

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  1. This has happened to me too - several times, actually. I didn't think of contacting the blog owner, but I will do that. At least I feel better knowing that I am in such esteemed company with Desperado Penguin. (Or, rather, "least better I feel at Desperado company with Penguin esteemed.")


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