Regular Features

I know. This started as a book blog and now I've got all this other stuff ... what's it all about? Below is a list of ongoing themes and features. Clicking on each link will pull up all the related posts.

Book reviews. What I've read and what I thought about it. Your mileage may vary.

Adventures in Genealogy.  It's not just about dates and names ... trust me.

When You Least Expect It. What do you do when the father you've never known comes back into your life? Blog it, obviously.

Suburban Hell. House hunting. Getting along with your neighbors (or not).

Sign of the Times. Pictures of things I saw that made me scratch my head.

Life Skills: Just because I've learned some things the hard way, doesn't mean you have to. I'm here to help. That's what penguins do.

... and yes, I'll probably be adding to this list from time to time. Life can be like that.

Thanks for stopping by!
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