Monday, October 26, 2009

Books I Didn't Finish

These last few days, I have been focused like a laser - but unfortunately not on reading, so I have very little to report. Since I can't update you on anything I've read, I thought the least I could do is provide an update on things I'm not reading anymore.

Proust Was A Neuroscientist: I'm not sure why this title jumped out at me. I've never read Proust and madeleines are generally not on my diet (plus, it's hard to find good ones). I got about 20 pages in. The point seemed to be that artists like Proust intellectually understood things that neuroscientists later proved to be true. Note to author: Look how quickly I just said that.

Breathers: I'm over it with the zombies. I love zombies, but all good things must come to an end. I might have liked this book if it had been my first foray into zombie literature, but it wasn't, and I found the humor a little cute for my taste. I might pick it up again next Halloween season, or when the zombies thaw in spring. Not bad, just not right now.

Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture: The general point is that America, as a nation, is focused on cheap cost to the exclusion of quality. Which is true to a point, but it's also true that America, as a nation, is focused on obtaining status items we can't really afford. I didn't read far enough to actually see if the latter point found its way into Cheap.  On page xvii (in the prologue) I ran across the word "substandaard," while page 3 referenced "Michael Madoff." Note to publisher: your proofreader is substandaard, and your fact-checker is too. I might come back to this one but it's overdue at the library. 

I did finish Heat, by Bill Buford, and I started the first couple pages of Tongues of the Dead by Brad Kelln - enough to see that I think it will move fairly quickly.

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