Monday, May 31, 2010

The No Ruts Reading Challenge - Reviews

Thank you all for joining! I have no idea what to expect from my first hosted challenge, except I hope it's a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to adding some unique titles to my own reading list, for sure! Hopefully you'll do the same and enjoy what you find here.

(You can join anytime, so feel free to sign up here if you're interested in participating.)

Here's a McLinky for you to add your No Ruts reviews. Please add your blog name and title of the book you're reviewing, and then the link to THE SPECIFIC POST on your blog with the review of your book. (If you're not a blogger, it would be great if you post a link to your goodreads review if possible).

Like this:

Jessica (Desperado Penguin) - Title of Book
url of your blog post.

Looking forward to reading your reviews!


  1. Hey, Jess. Two questions. First, where do I find the McLinky tool? Second, do you want the Bronze level one at a time, or together? Thanks! Col

  2. Here's how I've understood this challenge:

    To sign up for the challenge through the McLinky in Desperado Penguin’s blog, you’ll FIRST need to write a post in YOUR blog stating your intent.

    Then visit the No Ruts Reading Challenge post.

    Click the McLinky link to sign up and add your blog post.

    Later, when you’ve written a review of a book in your blog, you’ll want to visit the No Ruts Reading Challenge = REVIEWS post at

    and post your link to your written review. Visit this page each time you write a review and add a link to the new post in your blog.

  3. Whoo-hoo! Looks like I've made it to Bronze! I think I still have time to make it to Silver.


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