Friday, April 16, 2010

The Value of a Good Education

We're headed out to my daughter's school fundraising auction tonight. I'm looking forward to it, although my inner tightwad is a little peeved that on top of paying taxes for a public school we feel we can't use, and tuition for a private school that we do love, now we get to go shell out more bucks for ... I'm not even sure what odd impulse will take me tonight when my bidding card is in hand and the wine has kicked in.

It might be cheaper just to park her in front of educational TV until she's 18, but I've been told that's wrong, and I guess I can sort of see the point. Still ...

Happy VGNO!



  1. I am so on the verge of home schooling! (I spend so much time at the girls school right now I wonder what the difference is?)

    So great to see a School House Rock video. I grew up on it and love it so.

    Happy Virtual GNO! Thanks for being a part of the party.

  2. I love the School House Rock too! :)

    Stopping by late from Ann's VGNO! Come over & check out my latest creation, a mini album from local Portland area company Punky Sprouts. I'm very excited to share them with all the papercrafters out there & I'm sure even those who aren't will enjoy checking it out.

  3. My daughter is only in preschool but already on top of the fees we pay there are the constant requests for donations, volunteering for fund raisers, contributions for fund raisers, requests for supplies for the classroom and requests for money for gift cards for the teachers for thanksgiving, christmas, valentines, day, easter and their birthdays.

    Stopping by from VGNO belatedly and am so glad I did - I love your style of writing. Consider me you latest follower - look forward to seeing what books you read. I just finished the sequel to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and both books were brilliant. Now I need something equally brilliant to sink my teeth into!

  4. great video. i imagine all that school stuff is very stressful; i don't have children but i would think it's all worth it for the gift of a great education, something she'll have forever.

  5. Great video, funny and educational without being preachy. If I thought it would help I would show it to my kids...:(


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