Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ...

Not only am I woefully behind on my reading and seriously delinquent in my blogging, I'm behind on everything else, too. I am now getting emails and phone calls from my mother-in-law wanting to know what the kids want for Christmas. I think they might want me to stop talking about the Revolutionary War and the names of the boats on which our ancestors sailed to America, but that's just a hunch on my part.

In years past I would have had half my shopping done before Thanksgiving, but now here we are with just over a week to go to Thanksgiving and I don't have a menu planned, much less any clue what I'm doing about Christmas. If any of my children are reading my blog, you can stop rifling through my drawers ... I haven't bought you anything. Please post your list in the comments section, I need some good ideas ASAP. Including a link to the items you want would be a win for you on many levels - you'll probably get exactly what you want and as an added bonus, I won't make you finish dinner to get dessert.

Clearly, I need to refocus at least some of my attention back on the living, in this century, so in that spirit, I made a list of Christmas books and have started some seasonal reading. 

I began with Knit the Season, by Kate Jacobs, but I was having a hard time getting into it. Holidays were just not on my mind - until last night, that is, when the mailman left an unexpected package on my doorstep, from a friend of mine in Las Vegas. Among the goodies in the box was It's beginning to look a lot like Zombies: A book of zombie Christmas carols.

I tossed it into my bag along with Knit the Season and headed out for my daughter's swim class. I got a couple of funny looks when I guffawed but I don't care - there's no way to sing  "Deck the Halls with Parts of Wally" in your head and laugh silently.  I'm just sorry we took down our Halloween decorations already - we could have been the coolest house on the street, maybe the coolest house ever - if we'd just added our Christmas decorations to the Halloween decorations and spent December with a band of merry ghouls on our lawn.

Oh well. Next year!

So now, thanks to a good friend, a random act of holiday spirit, and one seriously funny book, I am in the holiday spirit and the reading spirit too.


  1. Thank you so much! You just helped me find the perfect Christmas gift for my oldest daughter!
    Zombies! She will adore it! I think she does still have her Halloween decorations up.

  2. I was at a reading last night and the author sang a couple songs from that book. It was pretty hilarious.

  3. Hi! I just found your blog on MBC. That's cool that you are trying to read 50 books from 50 authors. Great concept! I'm going to follow you now:) Here is my blog, if you want to take a peek:

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. You and me both. I'm behind on EVERYTHING including blogs. So what can you do? Just a little and a time and the best we can! :-)

  5. I really can't believe that zombies haven't done more to displace vampires at the freak du jour. I think they need better pr.


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