Monday, September 21, 2009

The Great Outdoors, According to Whom?

All I can say is, since I had planned to finish Help! A Bear Is Eating Me! before my husband’s return, it’s a good thing I chose a short book.

My husband was scheduled to camp and hike for three days, returning home on Sunday afternoon. So I was startled when he called my cell phone at 1pm on Saturday. It was hard to hear him; I had taken Emma and her little friend to Family Fun Center where I was attempting to track them through the game arcade. In between game machine jackpots and the associated squealing, I was able to make out the following:

“ … coming home … seven hours of rain … reading in the tent … got a blackberry signal, snow coming … backpack broke … home soon.”

Apparently, for the seven hours of rain, my husband and his friend Jim couldn’t even sit in the same tent, as neither of them had a tent sufficiently large. I would mention that we have comfortably had 14 people to a full dinner at our house, including dessert and hot coffee, but my husband reads my blog on occasion and I think that might be salt on an open wound.

Anyway, they headed out of the wilderness and warmed themselves at Jim’s house, time they evidently spent planning next year’s trip to the “Wonderland Trail.”

Brilliant. I have just the book for the occasion. And while he’s off chasing white rabbits, I’ll stay home and raise a glass of magical potion (aka, a blender drink) in a joyful salute to creature comforts.

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