Monday, August 31, 2009

Carpet Cleaners Save Carpets AND Lives

I am almost halfway through Ella Minnow Pea. I'm pretty pleased with the progress, especially given that I do most of my reading in the evening, and it’s easy to get waylaid. The other night, for example, I went upstairs to kiss my daughter goodnight, and when I went into her room, I discovered large areas of bright blue all over the rug.

“What happened?! How did that happen?!” I demand.

"I don't know how that happened! I was very careful!" she tells me.

After a brief interrogation, I determine the paint is acrylic, this is followed by fifteen minutes spent researching “acrylic paint removal carpet” via Google. There are many answers to this question … I am looking for the right answer. You will have the easiest time removing the paint if it is not yet dry.

Race across the hall … could be damp? I’m guessing damp. It’s humid. It’s damp.

40 minutes are spent saturating the carpet, back and forth, slowly, with our massive carpet pseudo-steam cleaner. The stains fade gradually with each successive pass of the cleaner.

Finally, I am exhausted. It’s hot, I’m damp, and my eyes are so tired I can’t tell if the carpet is still splotched blue or if I’m just seeing red. Either way, the carpet is certainly damp now, so maybe I’ve bought some time and can figure it out in the morning.

Now, I'm just guessing here, but I think that when a young artist leaves her paint palette on the floor, it gets stepped on and paint gets tracked everywhere, which is why carpet is covered with blue acrylic paint even though she put down drop cloths before starting her latest masterpiece.

Today, the carpet is mostly clean, and I think it's funny. The other night, not so much. I've never been a Jackson Pollock fan, and particularly don’t care for his work when it’s reproduced on my carpets.

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